Alberto Falchi

I'm a Technology Enthusiast & Coder for Profession as for Love and Passion; I'm a Software Developer & Engineer; I'm a Senior & Lead Dev; I'm a Solution Architect & Proactive Problem Solver; I'm a Nerd & Geek.

...but hell NO! and I'm not a codeMonkey
nor one of those droids the Empire Scum is looking for!

Nick Name: ohiaia

Email: [email protected]

Address: Sassari,Italy


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Techs and Skills

Tech Skill

Sure: I use and have used quite a lot of Technology. Actually the list could be very long as tedious and pretty much useless. So please allow me to list just what keeps me entertained and I would like to work with. Trust me: the order is more relevant than it could seem.


Language skill

Born and raised in Italy, I moved to Spain for quite some time and then to Australia for two Years. Well I also spent some time watching Star Trek so...

  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Klingon

Work Experience

15 and more years of experience and counting

I started pretty much when I was a kid but, obviously, I will list only my professional years as an employee.

Please follow the link to find more relevant information about:

Career Expectation

It's not my first rodeo

I mean, after my years of experience I have learnt some tricks and seen a couple of things. As much as it is more than clear to me that I do not know everything (well nobody does!), I "just" do know what I want to do.

Contact Me

Lets Keep In Touch

Feel free to reach out with an email or a message through LinkedIn


CV download

Choose wisely because...

... well you can always change your choice. As matter of fact you don't have to choose at all. Feel free to download what version you feel more comfortable with.

Also consider to browse directly my resume blogged version. I have always tough you could find useful the tag-cloud to lurk and move around through my technologies experience. A feedback is more than welcome!